Water time

Jill, Linda, the boys and I went to the pool tonight we all hadva blast on the giant water slide. The look on Jills face as she went down the water slide was priceless. We then went in the sauna and the hot tub. Linda and I had swimming races in the swimming lanes. I kicked her butt, she said she swam into a little girl in her lane but I think it was just an excuse. 😉

After Linda and I had our race we got out and looked at the 3 metre diving board. We were both to chicken try it. I asked Derek if he wanted to try it and he said “sure”. Then he walked over climbed up and jumped off. Showing no fear at all he kept going up and jumping off. Then Linda and I decided we’d give it try. Linda told me she’s scared of heights as she started climbing up the ladder. I turned to talk to Derek then I turned back to see Linda climbing back down the ladder. She was too nervous to jump. I was nervous but I did jump off two times.

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2 Responses to Water time

  1. Malcolm says:

    I hope I’m doing this right. Glen i sent you an email stating it sounds like you all are having a great time. Say hi to everyone for us.

    Take care

  2. Malcolm says:

    Hey it’s been two minutes and no reply yet. I guess you’re all sleeping! It’s 10:40 here

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