Went to Galaxy Land

This morning we moved from the African theme room to an executive suite in the Fantasy Land Hotel. The room is twice as big.

After breakfast I took Derek and Colin to Galaxyland which is the rollercoaster and other ride section in the mall.

We went on lots of rides and a couple of roller coasters. After we went on a spinning ride I felt sick and I had to stop going on some other rides. The boys had fun but I still feel sick a couple hours later.

Out of the way Derek!

Out of the way Derek!

After the rides we sat on a bench and I texted Jill to let her know we could all mewet up and eat (even though I wasn’t feeling well). She tested back that she was taking a nap in the room so I took the boys to the McDonalds across from where we were sitting. After we got our food and sat down a lady came over to me and asked me if I was sitting at the bench. I said yes. Then she handed me my video camera! I had forgotten it on the bench ten minutes ago and she was nice enough to return it to me. Boy am I lucky! I thanked her very much.

After dinner tonight Jill and I took the boys back to Galaxyland. They went on another ride then they decided to play in the giant miniplayground. They had tons of fun for about a half hour then I saw Colin running towards me with a face full of blood. The poor little guy had a big nose bleed. I cleaned him up in the washroom and had him hold a tissue to his nose to keep the pressure on it. I carried him back to our hotel room where he is now. Poor little guy is just sitting there holding the tissue to his nose watch his DS. Colin does get nose bleeds at home once in awhile. I guess the air is thinner in Edmonton and all the running around pushed his nose to the limit.

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