We went on our first Geocache hunt

This evening Jill, the boys and myself went on our first geocache hunt. A geocache is a container stored in a secret place. You are only given the gps co-ordinates and a few small instructions to find it. The caches come in different sizes from tiny with only a log inside. To a large container with many surprises in them. Usually kids toys. I am speaking only from reading about them from the http://www.geocache.com website.

On Sunday I purchased a Garmin 255W gps from Bestbuy for $299.99. I remembered watching a tech show about a cool way to use your gps. So I looked up “fun with a gps” and came across geocaching and that was it.

it turns out there are 650,000 active geocaches in the world and when I did a search for some in my postal code it came up with 10 caches under 2kms from our house.

So I picked a close one that sounded like a fun one for us to find and away we went. We had the GPS, the location details and a bag with a few dollar store items. The reason for the toys is that you are suppose to replace any item you take from a cache with an item of similar or more value. You are also suppose to pickup any garbage you come across on your journey. We searched for almost two hours but in the end we had to give up. I think we need more experience before we find that cache. So I’ve looked up three ofvyhe simplest caches to find around us and we’ll see if we have better luck with one of those sites. I’ve found one that is in the parking lot of our local library. This will be a good one to bring mom along as she said she would like to go for a treasure hunt too.

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