Day 1 – Morning

This morning I woke up and crushed three lemons to get 210 ml of juice and added 210 ml of maple syrup and 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  Then I added water to make 2 litres of this special “lemonade”.  

This is the first step to “The Master Cleanse”, a system that takes from 10 to 40 days.  It’s a system that will clean out all the decades worth of junk built up in my intestines.  It’s different for every person but they say guys can loose from 10 to 20 pounds depending on how over weight you are and how much crap is built up in your intestines.

The “Detox” system works like this:
No food (period) for the entire duration
Just drink the special 2 litres of lemonade each day, along with as much water as you want/can
Everyday you drink 1 teaspoon/table spoon (adjust per your size) of sea salt (non-iodized) with 1 litre of water to flush out your system.
Repeat for the number of days…

So far I’ve  just taken my first drink of the lemonade. It wasn’t too bad a little spicy but I washed down with some water.  I’ve drunken about 250 ml so far and I want to be done by 9:30PM so I’ll drink at least 250 ml each hour today until I’m done.  I can drink as much water as I want which will help with the hunger pains.

I measured my weight on the wii fit yesterday evening and I weighed 197.5 pounds.  A nice thing about the wii fit is it keeps track of your weight for you and shows you a graph.  I’m looking forward to seeing that graph go down and get out “the crap” in my body.  I’ll try to take a picture everyday to see if I notice any changes.  I’ll log as much as I can while I’m on this cleanse.  It will help me focus my thoughts on other stuff then food and help motivate me to make it through without giving up!  

I first found out about this cleanse last summer from my sister who went through it and felt great during and afterwards.  She’s going to start her second cleanse this Wednesday.  I wish you success sis! 

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