Day 8.44 (7.44 days complete, 2.56 days left)

Day 8 morning!  I’ve had my two drinks of lemonade for the day.  At noon today I’ll be exactly 3/4 the way through the cleanse and I still feel great!

So far I’ve lost 5.7lbs of fat and waste in my body.  I’m surprised that my poops still come out brown just like diarrhea with some small brown chunks (sorry if this is a little gross) but I think it’s important to know that it is still cleaning out the waste in my body.  I think that is amazing!  It’s great to be getting out all the build up in my intestinal track.  I never had problems with my digestive system but now that is cleaner I’m sure it will be more efficient and even that should keep me healthier.

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