Found another cache yesterday

Derek, Colin and I went out geocaching yesterday.  I used a new app for my iPhone 3Gs made just for Geocaching.  We found the first cache without a problem.  It was a double cache (two containers) so the boys had lots to choose from.

Geocache -Jeff's Cache

Geocache -Jeff's Cache

The second cache we didn’t find, it was kind of in the open and there were muggles hanging around so we couldn’t hunt for too long…  Oh well another day we’ll go back and find it.


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One Response to Found another cache yesterday

  1. akmodi says:


    Thanks for a wonderfully detailed how to.

    May I ask what is the purpose of the 3 x 128mb partitions that were made?

    Also did you consider raidz2?

    May I trouble you to suggest a setup for security and speed using 3 x identical 1.5 tb drives.

    I do want the DROBO like quality that you have suggested.

    Thanks for your time in advance.

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