Zilog z80 to Motorola 6809 Transcode – Part 017 – Ready Player 1

Just a little update on my progress.  Things are looking pretty good.  I now have all the main game routines coded and I’ve added the buttons to insert a coin, select 1 or 2 player game and control Pac Man using the arrow keys.


There are tons of things I still have to fix, but it is quite playable except it’s slow compared to the real Pac Man.  I’m still hopeful that optimizing it will get it running at the proper speed.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.50.15 PM.png

I still have to code in the cutscenes, but you can play it until the 2nd level is done and the first cutscene starts.

This is what I have to do at this point:

  • If you get to 10,000 points you should get a free man, currently it resets the score to 0 and no free man
  • Two player game high score didn’t get set properly, player 1 had high score but when player 2 was playing with a lower score it was still being copied to the high score
  • Fix Pac man death animation (need to copy from original sprite data)
  • Fix autoscrolling, currently broken if the ghosts are Dark Blue, it seems to follow the red ghost
  • Add the rest of the game code
  • fix sprites are wrecking the 1 player 2 player start message screen
  • Text in the middle of the screen is not erased when game starts
  • Maze gets erased beside where “game over” is written (sprites, problem)
  • When you eat the fruit the score shows up but part of the fruit is still shown until the score disappears
  • Credits jumps to 99 after starting a game
  • Credits not going down after playing a game
  • Test if keyboard scanning routine could be improved by swapping the STA and LDA bytes this would allows for only one STA for all the buttons along the same line

Of course I have to speed it up and sound would be cool too…


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