This site is used to keep family and friends informed of what we’ve been up to recently…  Or what new tech thing I’ve been working on that I thought others might like to know.


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  1. Malban says:

    Hi, I read your recent blogs about the Z80 to 6809 conversion.
    In one of your early posts you mention a (self written) program that transcode Z80 to 6809 assembler.
    Is there any way you might want to share that program?
    I am author of vide (vide.malban.de) a tool to help write vectrex games. The Vectrex has a PSG soundchip, much like Spectrum and CPC computers. There are a couple of PSG trackers out there that have players written for the Z80.
    I would like to port a player of these to Vectrex (== 6809 processor). Having the tool you mentioned might mean a shortcut for me.
    Even if you can’t share that – many thanks for the information you provided with your blog.


    • nowhereman999 says:

      Hi Malban,

      Sure I’ll share the code, it is a simple C program that takes a z80 disassembly file and converts the instructions to a 6809 version of the same instructions. It’s not perfect and generally you have to hand tweak the code afterwards but I find it very useful since I know 6809 assembly but not z80 and just looking at the z80 code I’m always second guessing what some of the instructions are doing so I end up looking up the z80 instructions.

      You will have to tweak the C program to match the column width of your disassembled z80 code other then that it is ready to go.
      I’ve uploaded the c program here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=08108873346895219574

      Have fun,

  2. Malban says:

    Thanks a lot – I will try my first baby steps to convert the player sometimes next week!

  3. Malban says:

    Just would like you to know:
    I DID finish the mentioned porting – and my first steps was using your tool. Much manual work was required, but the tool nonetheless was a very good start!
    Thanks. You will be able to view the result sometime in the future when I release a new version of my Vectrex IDE.
    See also: http://vide.malban.de/17th-of-april-arkos-iv-the-finale


    • nowhereman999 says:

      Hi Malban,

      I’m glad my program was helpful for you. Yes transcoding is still a very manual task.


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