Zilog z80 to Motorola 6809 Transcode – Part 024 – PAC MAN is finally complete, if you have a CoCo 3 with 512k give it a try…

Hello, well I’ve finally completed my translation from the z80 arcade version of PAC MAN to the 6809 for the CoCo 3.  If you want to play it download version 1.01 here (Update – this version no longer includes any executable files* See note below).  This newer version moved the palette changing routine that makes the power pills flash into the Vblank IRQ which get’s rid of the a little glitch that the GIME chip has that causes a little flicking while the game is running.  This new version gets rid of that flicker.  Thanks to Nicolas Marentes for letting me know about the GIME chip glitch and also how to get around it.

The upload includes a user guide with instructions on how to copy the PACMAN.5E ROM onto the .DSK image so you can legally use the game.  This is similar to using MAME games and needing the rights to use the ROMs and play the games.

The user guide also explains what all the settings are in the option screen.

The .zip also has the 6809 assembly language source code files so others can hopefully play with and learn from.

Have fun,


* The updated version linked above previously included a compiled version of slz.c for both windows and Mac.  SLZ is used when you assemble the source code into a binary file, it compresses the binary to a file size that will still fit on the CoCo disk.  I saw a post on Facebook that said the .ZIP contained a virus.  I don’t own a windows PC so I really don’t know if there is a virus within the ZIP.  I had to use someone else’s windows machine to compile the slz.exe file so it’s possible that it had a virus.

To play it safe I removed the windows version and the MAC version.  The .ZIP no longer includes any executable files.  The original slz.c file is still included but you will have to compile it yourself to use it.  I hope this didn’t effect anyone.

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6 Responses to Zilog z80 to Motorola 6809 Transcode – Part 024 – PAC MAN is finally complete, if you have a CoCo 3 with 512k give it a try…

  1. Ernesto says:

    One word: Awesome!!!. I plan to torture (learn 🙂 ) with arcade translations also. The CoCo 3 was very instrumental to learn computers when i was 16. It made the impression of my life. So, i plan to learn 6809 in the go… eventually moving to other systems, but lets see how it goes.

  2. nowhereman999 says:

    Hi Ernesto, I’m so glad to hear that this blog and my PAC MAN transcode has given you some motivation to learn 6809 assembly. It’s always great to hear anyone is working on our old machines it makes the community stronger and that’s a great thing. Good luck and I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

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  4. Michael says:

    I just found out about your project and unfortunately the download link is dead. Is there any possibility for a reupload?

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